Creating digital synergy for your product launch or business

Crossing Boundaries


We believe that many businesses and creative ventures are just a few tweaks away from going from survival mode to THRIVE mode!

What does it mean to THRIVE?

to grow or develop well or vigorously…. flourish, prosper, bloom, blossom, make strides…. succeed

Today, we have more tools in this rapid moving digital world for success than at any other time in history. Money is amassed at large levels and in crazy ways by those who move fast and put the right pieces together using creativity outside the box thinking. We don’t think small, we think just outside the bounds of impossible and we are continually striving to get to the next level.

Things we do with you:

We can’t just say that we do them for you because our process is so close to your business and so intermingled with your success that we will be working alongside you to create, build and boost your creative ideas and businesses. We are artists at heart but revenue focused in our work as we help you create, launch and boost your business so you can thrive. We are not afraid to talk about money, dream about your products and ideas making money, and helping you make your dreams about large wins and success a reality.


Our studio is everywhere we are… and wherever we want to be. Our teams can setup in your living room, your front office, or on a bridge overlooking the city. We can help you shoot your video and record your songs in the largest and most famous studio spaces in Nashville (or around the world). If you can dream it up, we can help you make it happen.

  • Niche Publishing and Course Creation

  • Songwriting and Producing

  • Music and Audio Production

  • Video Creation

  • Creative Photography

  • Motion Graphics

  • Youtube Video and Studio Development


Create Things

  • Identity - Logos and business documents

  • Niche Publishing and Product Development (planning, writing, editing, launch)

  • Books and ebook development and publishing

  • Video and Photography

  • Course creation

  • YouTube Channel Development


  • Launch your online store (Shopify)

  • Launch your blog/website (Wordpress, Square Space)

  • Launch your online course or membership site

Digital Marketing

  • Lead capture funnel creation

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Facebook and Google Ad Campaigns

  • Smart Online Boost Strategy

  • Content Creation


  • Online Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Prospecting with dedicated niche sales teams

  • Multiple media marketing campaigns

  • Team building and expansion for growth

  • Online tools setup and strategy (CRM, Team Management, Productivity)